Be neutral

You are a brand


As one's aura is difficult to describe in words, As everyone's beauty cannot be distinguished in a single boundary, As everyone's lip color is unique,

LAKA is addressing gender-neutral Philosophy with our collection, rewriting the script that only specific gender would be interested in playing with colors. Our products challenge the stereotypes in the beauty industry and promote expression, empowerment, and uniqueness.

Be Neutral

Neutral is LAKA's brand philosophy that pursues beauty free from gender bias and the conventional color scheme. This is our brand's personality.


Gender neutral in everyday life

Beauty is for everyone. "Beauty is something that anyone can enjoy in any way they please." LAKA is born with this very clear identity.

Inclusivity is built into our products at every stage.We don't limit makeup to narrow gender identity, and instead, open it up as a viable tool for all to use. Men are no longer in need of women-based advertisements to access beauty products. Women can now access colors and enjoy individual expression through makeup in a totally free environment. Now, makeup is used as a tool to express yourself and become the person you want to be.

We don't believe that makeup needs to be restricted to a specific gender. The beauty of LAKA is that we promote individuality and believe in gender equality for all identities, whether it's male or female. We are making it our mission to open up the cosmetics playing field to many more people. This is LAKA's philosophy.

LAKA's efforts to develop products to improve your skin texture

Beauty products that deliver intense color with a rich texture, Foundations with a flawless and matte finish, They are far from what we pursue.

Translucent lip products require no precision application so they can be applied without looking in a mirror. Shadows and cheek blushes with coated pigments are buildable so you can adjust the color that suits your look. Foundations and concealers are designed to feel lightweight and effortlessly blend into your skin.
Without special makeup skills, you can create a perfect look with your own choice of colors using our beauty products. This is what LAKA pursues. Beauty products for your skin and with colors that look great on everyone, It is important for LAKA.


You have your own beauty. For you, there are literally no rules when it comes to beauty. You become totally free from being obsessed about how you look by differentiating yourself from others.
Like you become your own brand.


This is the spirit of LAKA.